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COVID-19: OPEN and shipping orders as usual. Buy with confidence.
COVID-19: OPEN and shipping orders as usual. Buy with confidence.

Botulinica Capillary Botulinum Rejuvenation Treatment 3x1Lt - Ybera Paris

by Ybera
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The Botulinum Toxin of plant origin rejuvenates the strand. Its formula possesses high technology silicones, keratin, grape seed oil, vitamin E and shea butter.

The effect on hair is immediate: it reduces volume, dryness and split ends. The hair recovers its body and becomes visibly younger. It is Ideal for excessively damaged and chemically treated hair showing breakage and shedding.

Strength and Endurance
Anti-Age Action
Seal and shine
Replacement of Protein Mass and Capillary Reconstruction
Provides Health to the Scalp
Strength and Nourishes the Hair
Nano-Regeneration of Damaged Hair Fiber
Recovery from Damage Caused by Chemicals, Radiation or Aging
Formaldehyde Free

Directions for reducing hair volume:

1) Wash hair with the Hydrating Shampoo.
Blow-dry excess moisture and section hair into four parts.

2) Apply the Rejuvenation Activator for Straight Hair lock by lock.
Remove excess product with a fine-tooth comb and leave on for to 60 minutes.

3)Section hair into thin locks and flat-iron from 10 to 15 times each lock at a temperature of 375° to 400°F. We recommend a temperature around 350°F for hair above 9 or platinum colored.

4) Leave on for 5 minutes. Rinse, apply the heat activated anti-freeze and blow-dry.


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